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Hi and welcome to Bell Witch Fan, the ultimate site for fans and enthusist of the Bell Witch legend. If you've stumble upon this site, and don't know about the Bell Witch legend, your adventure should start by clicking "the Bell Witch Legend" button. This is a short synopsis of the legend.


So what makes this the ultimate fan site? First, exclusive pictures and video that you can only find here. No other site on the web can show you as much. Second, this is truely a Bell Witch Fan Site. Designed by Bell Witch fans for Bell Witch fans. We want to share our experiences, as well as, open a forum for other Bell Witch enthusists around the world. Got a story you want to share? Post it on our bulletin board. Have some pictures you want to share? Contact us and we'll be sure to post them on to the site.

You may be wondering why two everyday guys would go to the trouble of building a site devoted to the Bell Witch story. We're not nuts! Click "our story" to find out about us and what drove us to our Bell Witch journey of discover.

We hope you enjoy the site!

Jonathan and Darren

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The legend of the Bell Witch is a pretty involved tale, with lots of branches and subplots. We're not writers, so we can't really do the story justice on this site. But we do have a short synopsis of the Bell Witch Legend to get you started. Click Here to find out more!



Bell Wood Monument - Bell Wood Cemetery
We now have pics taken during the filming of Bell Witch: The Movie. Click Here to check them out, as well as, our other pictures!

John Bell's Home - Well

Besides taking lots of stills, we also shot a lot of digital video. Click Here to view the video!



The story is strange. The story is bizarre. But its our story. Click Here to find out why we're so interested in the Bell Witch.

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